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Dr. Anthony Smith

Dr. Anthony Smith

President & Chief Science Officer


President & Chief Science Officer of EVIO Labs, Dr. Anthony Smith received his PhD from Oregon State University in Molecular & Cellular Biology with an emphasis on biochemistry, metabolism and nutrition. He founded Kenevir Research, which was acquired by EVIO Labs in 2015.

Before entering the Cannabis industry, Dr. Smith worked in natural products and biomedical research while serving as a leading international authority on aging, lipoic acid and vascular disease. He brings over 15 years of natural product research, quality assurance, product development, GMP manufacturing, FDA & regulatory experience and analytical chemistry expertise to EVIO Labs. ​

Dr. Smith was recently appointed to the Oregon governor’s Task Force on Researching the Medicinal and Public Health Properties of Cannabis and serves on the scientific advisory board for the Ashland, Oregon based non-profit medical and horticultural research group, the Health Research Institute.