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Genomic Pathogens Testing

The next time your grow has you puzzled, consider EVIO Labs Next Generation Sequencing Services (NGSS). Our Genomic Pathogens Testing can identify any plant and human pathogens, and can even identify your cannabis microbiome, so you can judge the efficacy of your nutrient regiment.

How does it work?

EVIO repeatedly sequences DNA from environmental samples containing hundreds or thousands of microorganisms and then rely on software to construct the microbial metagenome. We do this by targeting a small segment of the RNA gene.

This gene encodes an RNA molecule that synthesizes proteins, not just in microbial cells, but in all cells. The conservation of this gene across all of life has made it the standard target for differentiating organisms and assigning taxonomy. In a next generation sequencing run, sections of this gene and neighboring non-coding regions are targeted by sequencing primers which bind to highly conserved base pairs, and encompass DNA where enough variation exists to identify most sequences to the genus of species level.

EVIO helps to sample your healthy or diseased plant tissues, take these back to the lab to extract the DNA, and then sequence the DNA against bacterial and fungal primer sets to identify all the species of microorganisms that we can in your samples. We then help you identify the hits and put together a plan to help you move forward with your new information.