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About EVIO

About EVIO


Founded in 2014, EVIO Labs is now the the leading provider of cannabis, hemp, and CBD testing.  Our labs across North America offer the highest quality analytical, R&D and consulting services.

We offer all types of cannabis and  CBD testing for flower, trim, manufactured products, biomass, crude oils, isolates, distillates, edible, and difficult to test items like patches and aerosols.  Our capabilities include up to 13 cannabinoids, 42 terpenes, 66 pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, microbial tests, plant leaf ratios, plant inspections, and more.  Our customers love our service, reliable results, and world class team. No matter which lab in the EVIO Labs network you choose, you will receive the same high level of accuracy, customer service, and professionalism.

EVIO is publicly traded on the OTC market, (OTC:EVIO).


Following the CBD and Hemp Boom

Passage of the Farm Bill is a huge win for EVIO.

While we already test for hemp and hemp-based products, the market for CBD products in particular has skyrocketed during the past year. This new demand opens new opportunities for testing. Furthermore, unlike cannabis which is still illegal, and highly regulated, hemp and cbd products can be tested at much lower cost. Meanwhile, we will continue to focus our compliance cannabis testing operations Berkeley, Massachusetts, and Portland locations. We are also continuing to work on innovative projects through EVIO Biosciences, and we are experiencing another wave of requests for consulting services.

Focus on California

California goes Rec while Oregon Oversupply Drives Shift

With California's entry to the adult use market, and stringent new rules, EVIO was prepared to expand in the state. We acquired a reputable medical cannabis R&D lab in Berkeley and converted it to a testing lab. We also acquired a lab in Humboldt county, and mobilized plans for labs in Southern California. 2018 was a challenging year, as the Massachusetts lab was forced to relocate, and we slowed growth in Oregon. The Oregon market for testing dropped off as quickly as it ramped up after there was enough tested cannabis in the state's inventory to serve demand for years. We purchased a larger lab and property near Portland, and consolidated all operations to two Oregon labs. Meanwhile, the California state rules for testing resulted in very high costs, so we slowed expansion until Berkeley and Massachusetts labs were fully up to capacity.

Expanding to Other States

The experience and the talent we attained . . .

from Oregon allowed us to develop a playbook for lab operations. This enabled our expansion plan - and strategy to dominate hemp and cannabis testing nationwide. We acquired a small lab in California, and captured labs spun off from from Palliatech (now Curaleaf) in Colorado and Massachusetts. We also engaged in a license agreement with EVIO Labs Florida, and acquired a 50% share of Keystone Labs in Edmonton, Alberta. Meanwhile we continued to standardize our operations, implement information systems, and begin work on EVIO Biosciences and launch new R&D initiatives.

Consulting & Business Intelligence

EVIO, Inc. (previously Signal Bay) was launched in Henderson, NV.

Our success led us to other US states where we helped dozens of clients launch their cannabis businesses. We also got actively engaged in the industry, providing market intelligence, publishing the Medical Marijuana Desk Reference, and consulting with government agencies. Today, several of our clients are operating thriving cultivation and retail locations. Several have already had a successful exit. Also during 2015 we helped the founders of a small medical cannabis testing lab in Bend Oregon get the lab ready for the recreational market -- and a whole new regulatory paradigm. We acquired a majority stake in the lab, and the next phase began.

EVIO Labs is Oregon-born

EVIO, Inc. (previously Signal Bay) was launched in Henderson, NV.

Our consulting work led us to discover that despite the existence of nearly 40 labs across Oregon, Cannabis testing was a critically under-served segment of the supply chain, and offered the greatest opportunity for us going forward. Testing also aligned with our values of safety and compliance. We rebranded Signal Bay to EVIO, and prepared to serve Oregon when the new testing rules dropped in October, 2016. The combination of the adult-use market and more stringent testing rules resulted in a four-fold increase in testing demand almost overnight. We very quickly learned how to operate a network of labs most efficiently

We got our start consulting with startups like Libra Wellness.  They now feature the Glace and Rein brands of edibles.


Our Launch - August 31, 2014

EVIO, Inc. (previously Signal Bay) was launched in Henderson, NV.

We got our start when we helped a few aspiring entrepreneurs in Nevada prepare their business plans and win 8 cannabis licenses. Consulting allowed us to fully understand the cannabis supply chain, and determine how we can create the most value. We also participated in Nevada's emerging industry by participating with ArcView, launching the local Women Grow chapter, and advocating for cultivators at the state's laboratory advisory council meetings.



Our team has decades of experience in lean, six sigma methods to improve quality, reduce cost, and simplify processes.


We take a consultative approach with all our clients to help them understand results and optimize their production methods.


We understand the greater purpose and support an industry that can help revolutionize healthcare.

EVIO's predecessor, Signal Bay's first clients, Libra Wellness, before they earned cultivation and production licenses in Nevada.  Today, they are creators of Glacé and Rein lines of infused products.