Now Testing for Vitamin E Acetate!

In response to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) preliminary finding on Vape illnesses, EVIO Labs is now offering tests for Tocopherol Acetate in hemp and cannabis products used for smoking and vaping; Also known as Vitamin E Acetate, it is sometimes used as an additive and flow agent in cannabis and hemp vape pens.


Focusing on the safety of hemp products from seed to sale, EVIO Labs has locations throughout the United States and Canada to meet your needs. We utilize the latest technology and accredited analytical methods to provide the highest quality testing in the industry, giving you the accuracy you need with the quality you trust. Learn more about our services.

Whether you've manufactured a new product, need industrial hemp compliance testing, or have just harvested your latest round, EVIO Labs is here for you. Get reliable results in about a week.

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EVIO Labs tests everything from raw plant material to extractions to infusions (including edibles and topicals), and unique products such as transdermal patches, suppositories, and capsules. Whatever your testing needs may be, EVIO Labs has you covered.