Are EVIO Labs certified or accredited?

All of our laboratories are either currently accredited or are seeking accreditation in their respective states.  Our labs in Colorado and Florida have been accredited to the ISO 17025 standard, and we are currently seeking accreditation in our California and Massachusetts locations.  Our Berkeley location currently has a temporary license by the Bureau of Cannabis Control.

Oregon locations are NELAP accredited by the Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ORELAP) and licensed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) to test Cannabis. We also participate in a network of accredited and licensed laboratories throughout Oregon giving us unprecedented ability to achieve any number of state compliant testing services for our clients, even if we reach our own local capacities! We work with some of the best names in Cannabis analytical services to ensure that our clients will always receive top tier service and defensible, reliable results.

Our Oregon labs are featured on the Oregon Health Authority’s list of approved Cannabis testing laboratories. Click here to review the list. They are also featured on the ORELAP list of accredited Cannabis testing laboratories. Click here to review the list.

How do I get my product tested?

For any combination of our single lab services, you can make arrangements directly with your local EVIO Lab to either drop off a sample for informational use only services, or schedule a random sampling event for state compliant services. Rules vary by state, so check with your local lab for more details.

My dispensary told me I needed to have my product tested before they could do anything. How can I get it tested?

Give us a call! We offer a variety of packages to meet the requirements of each location and product type. In California, work with a distributor for sale of your product, and we will work with distributors to perform the tests.

What is the sample size?

See our services page for information about required sample sizes for each of our services. In Oregon, we sample 0.5% of each batch, and in California, it is 0.35% of the batch. In other states, sample sizes are approximately 1 gram of product per test.

How soon will the results be ready?

With current lab testing volumes, we anticipate turn-around times of 7-10 days in Oregon  and California,  and 3-5 days in Massachusetts, Florida  and Colorado. Please note that turnaround times are only estimations and could become affected by unforeseen circumstances outside of the laboratory’s control such as required instrument maintenance, supply back-orders, audits from assessment bodies, etc. We recommend planning your testing needs at least two weeks in advance.

Where are you located?

Check out our Locations page to find the EVIO Labs location nearest you.

What testing do I need to be compliant with state rules?

Well, that varies by state.   In Oregon, testing must comply comply with OAR 333-007. To determine what testing you need for your product, please read the current Oregon rules here.  In California, testing must comply with the Emergency Rules from BCC, here.   And check out this handy testing chart provided by the BCC.

What do you need from me to perform testing?

Compliance testing in Oregon or California requires that we perform sampling onsite.  In other states, or for R&D or Informational testing, you can bring samples to one of our labs for testing.   Just give us a call to make an appointment.

How much does it cost?

Testing prices vary widely from state to state, and depending on the type of tests you need.   Our testing fees are always competitive, and we offer volume and pre-pay discounts.  We also offer terms to clients who provide a credit application.   Contact one of our representatives for a quote.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend that producers and processors budget around 1% – 5% of their product wholesale value to testing, depending on the scale of your operation.  We can work with you to make recommendations for maximizing the value of your testing through maximizing batch and lot sizes.

I’m worried about failing a test.   What should I do?

We strongly recommend that whenever trying out new methods, nutrients or soils, or launching a new facility, perform informational testing early in the cycle so there are no surprises after your product is finished.   Our experience in Oregon has shown us that although failure rates of around 5% of flower and 25% of concentrates occurred soon after new pesticide testing rules were enacted, our customers learned how to avoid failures, and within a couple of harvest cycles, the fail rates declined considerably.  Depending on the state you’re in, failed batches may be remediated or retested.

How do I know your results are accurate?

As part of our accreditation process, we regularly perform “proficiency tests” to check the accuracy of our tests by performing a test provided by a third party.  Furthermore, we perform a number of quality control checks during the testing process.   For instance, with each batch of tests performed, we perform tests in duplicate to ensure precision, we test control sample of known potency or contamination, and we also test “blank” samples to ensure that we’re detecting some compound that is not actually there.   We will not release results until all of our quality control checks come back within specified bounds.   Internally, EVIO Labs tests have been within 2% variation.   And our proficiency tests with third party providers have been well within the variation allowed by our accreditation agencies.

Do you test Hemp and CBD products?

We sure do, and we do it quite well.  In Oregon, we are qualified to perform hemp field testing on behalf of the Oregon Department of Agriculture to certify that your crop is classified as Industrial Hemp.   We also accept samples of hemp and hemp derived products such as CBD tinctures from around the world.

What kinds of products do you test?

Across our network of labs, we’ve done it all, from thousands of varieties of cannabis and hemp flowers, oils and edibles to tinctures, aerosols, transdermal patches, beverages, even infused ice cream sandwiches.  Occasionally we come across products that are brand new to us, and it may take an extra day for us to ensure that we can appropriately tackle the matrix, but we have yet to find a cannabis product we couldn’t test!

What other services do you provide?

We’ve performed compliance and R&D consulting services for dozens of clients.   Need help getting licensed?  Working on a new product formulation?   Looking for help getting new instruments up and running on your site?  We can help.