EVIO Biosciences Division

Our new Biosciences division reflects the growing need for education and broader dissemination of cannabis and cannabinoid technology. EVIO is pursuing our team’s vision of an integrated cannabis biotechnology and life sciences company delivering real benefits to greater industry.

Genetic Testing

One of the first services we are launching is our cannabis plant genetic testing service. This new service delivers precise results utilizing only a small sample of DNA from a small bit of leaf tissue. As a dioecious plant, male and female plants grow separately, and this poses challenges for growers. While both males and females are required for reproduction, it’s the coveted female plants that produce the frosty resin encrusted flower buds that are so sought after.

EVIO Biosciences plant genetic testing service delivers several benefits to the managers of grow operations. Removing male plants and shifting resources to females helps reduce energy usage, lowers irrigation and nutrient cost, and lowers labor costs. With males removed there is more room for producing the highly coveted female plants which results in improving yields.

Download Genetic Testing Service Flyer

Pathogen Screening

EVIO is proud to offer its Cannabis clients next generation sequencing services! Next generation sequencing services (NGSS) can identify any plant pathogen in your grow facility, can identify human pathogens to keep your workers safe, and can identify your cannabis microbiome, so you know how effective, or not, your beneficial products and nutrient programs are.

We help to sample your healthy or diseased plant tissues, take these back to the lab to extract the DNA, and then sequence the DNA against bacterial and fungal primer sets to identify all the species of microorganisms that we can in your samples. We then help you identify the hits and put together a plan to help you move forward with your new information.

Download Pathogen Screening Service Flyer