We’re Hiring!

EVIO Labs is currently accepting resumes for multiple positions as we rapidly grow across the nation. We offer opportunities to get into an early stage, high growth company in an exciting and fast-growing industry.

At EVIO, we have developed an extensive set of training materials, based on operating procedures designed to ensure we work in compliance with our regulators, as well as state and local rules for medical and recreational cannabis. All employees must be 21 years or older, be willing and able to pass all state required background checks, provide proof of academic credentials, and be able to attain appropriate workers’ permit. EVIO employees have fun, and we do this while maintaining a strict no-consumption policy during work hours.

No prior cannabis industry experience? That is fine. Many of our employees come from other industries as diverse as medical devices to brewing. EVIO offers extensive training to all employees in the areas of regulatory compliance including security, quality, and data integrity procedures, as well as detailed technical training for our lab staff. We also offer cannabis science courses for our employees who wish to learn more about the plant. EVIO offers benefits including medical, dental, and vision as well as vacation and holiday leave, and stock option plans for full-time employees.

Below is a list of positions we are currently recruiting for.Send your resume and cover letter to eviohr@eviolabs.com

Facilities Manager


Reporting to the Vice President of Operations and working with the Lab Directors, the Facilities Manager is responsible for managing the leasing, design, planning, construction and maintenance of lab facilities and other buildings.  The facilities manager will work with management to identify sites, perform lease negotiations; develop plans, budgets and schedules facility modifications, including estimates on equipment, labor materials and other related costs. The facilities manager is responsible for maintaining project schedules, oversees the coordination of building space allocation and layout, communication, electrical and HVAC services, and facility expansion. Inspects construction and installation progress.  Manages planned maintenance programs for a variety of office equipment, manages receiving, engage with third parties such as cleaning services.  The ideal candidate has prior experience in facilities management, project management or construction management, preferably in laboratory settings.

Quality Assurance Officer

California or Oregon

Reporting to the Vice President of Operations and working with the Lab Directors, the Quality Assurance Officer is responsible for assuring the activities of one or more labs are in compliance with all accreditation standards, including ISO 17025, as well as state and local laws. The QA Officer maintains quality management system including ensuring all documentation is up to date, and verifies the accuracy of data provided by the lab. the QA Officer performs periodic internal audits, responds to request for information from regulators and accreditation bodies, and ensures staff is properly trained and working in compliance with all requirements. The QAO is responsible for ensuring that all equipment and supplies are adequate properly documented and maintained. The QAO also oversees lab safety including hazardous waste management and compliance with local, state and federal safety and environmental requirements. The ideal candidate has a Bachelors’ degree and prior work experience in compliance, quality management, or quality assurance.

Field Technicians


Reporting to the Lab Directors, and working closely with Sales Directors, samplers provide our primary interface to our customers. Samplers will be trained to collect random samples of cannabis and cannabis products in a manner prescribed by state and local regulations and company policy. Samplers work largely in the field, driving to customer sites, and working on site to collect the samples. Samplers will report to the lab at the beginning and end of each shift to receive instructions and drop off samples. Samplers will maintain chain of custody of products sampled, and ensure the sampling takes place using appropriate and clean tools and protective wear. Samplers are also responsible for developing customer relationships, collecting payments from customers, and maintaining the proper chain of custody of the samples.

Samplers must be 21 years old or older, have completed at least 2 years of college coursework, and complete required sampler training. Sampler must also have an excellent driving record, excellent customer service skills. Samplers who demonstrate the requisite skills and qualifications may be promoted to sales director or laboratory technician.

Technical Laboratory Directors


Reporting to the Chief Science Officer, Laboratory Directors are responsible for overseeing the technical operations of one or more of our labs. Lab directors will implement and enforce EVIO’s standard operating procedures, and work within our Laboratory Information Management System. Lab directors will have experience working with gas and liquid chromatography, toxicology, microbiological analysis, and inorganic (metals) analysis.

Laboratory Director’s responsibilities include: Oversee and direct the scientific methods of the laboratory, ensure that the testing laboratory achieves and maintains quality standards of practice, and supervise all testing laboratory personnel. Lab Directors must hold a doctoral, master’s or bachelor’s of science degree in a chemical or biological science from an accredited college or university and have completed 3, 5, or 7 years, respectively, of full-time, post-education practical experience performing testing in an accredited laboratory, in accordance with California’s proposed cannabis testing rules.

Lab directors who excel in their position may be promoted to regional lab director, or to executive management.

Laboratory Testing Analysts

Berkeley, CA; Costa Mesa, CA

Reporting to the Laboratory Director, Laboratory Testing Analysts to prepare samples of plant, concentrate, and edible products for analysis. Lab work involves measuring and tracking samples, preparing sample dilutions, completing logs, maintaining hygienic lab conditions including washing labware. Analysts may also be required to interpret analytical data, prepare and review reports, work with the Laboratory Director to perform experiments and method validations. The lab analyst will use software systems including Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), as well as office tools. The Lab Testing Analyst may be a supervising analyst

Laboratory Testing Analyst must hold a bachelor’s degree in one of the chemical or biological sciences from an accredited college or university or have completed at least 2 years of college coursework from an accredited college or university and at least 1 year of full-time, non-education-related practical experience in a laboratory performing analytical scientific testing in which the testing methods are or were recognized by an accrediting body.

Assistant Laboratory Testing Analysts should have two years of college coursework or two years relevant experience and shall undergo on-the-job training period to achieve Laboratory Testing Analyst position.

Supervisory Testing Analysts should hold a bachelor’s of science degree in a chemical or biological science from an accredited college or university and have completed 3 years of full-time, post-education practical experience in an accredited laboratory.

Microbiology Technicians / Interns

Berkeley, CA; Southern California
    EVIO Labs is seeking sharp entry-level scientists to work with us performing microbiological tests.   Duties include media preparation, operate autoclaves, streaking plates and identifying organisms for day to day experiments,DNA extractions, Quantitation of yeast and mold species, PCR testing for Salmonella and STEC bacteria,  entering, transcribing, recording, storing, or maintaining information in written or electronic form, quality control and quality assessment activities, maintain equipment necessary for yeast propagation and document instrument calibration regularly, keeping up-to-date technically and applying new knowledge to your job, perform and assist in other duties, responsibilities, or projects as needed and directed The Microbiology Technician will be trained to conduct microbial analyses to determine the presence and quantity of pathogens in a wide variety of unique matrices in accordance with EVIO’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and the applicable state government regulatory requirements. The candidate must be 21 years of age or older, must be willing to undergo a background check, must be able to work in a fast-paced environment while maintaining a strong attention to detail.  The candidate has proficiency with data entry and computer applications, multitasking capability, strong written and verbal communication skills, self-motivated. At least two years college or prior laboratory experience in biology, microbiology, or other relevant sciences required.  

Lab Administrators

California, Eugene, OR

Reporting to the Laboratory Director, Lab Administrators provide assistance to the Lab Director in the areas of greeting clients and visitors, answering phones, scheduling sampling appointments, and following up with clients.  Lab Administrators may help with the sample intake process including processing sampling paperwork, photographing samples, data entry and facilities management.   Also perform day to day office management activities such as handling deliveries, coordinating schedules, and coordinating events such as seminars and conferences, opening/closing procedures, and ensuring security systems are in working order.  Lab Administrators may also receive training to perform roles of Sampler or Assistant Lab Technician.

Lab Administrator is a full-time position, should have at least two years’ experience in administration, office management or small business management.

Client Services Specialists

Bend, OR

Our Client Services group is responsible for developing and maintaining high quality, long-term relationships with our customers. Work includes prospecting for new business, setting appointments, negotiating client agreements, and meeting with clients in the field. Client Services Specialists will track sales and contact activities, maintain a sales pipeline, and report progress and forecasts to the President. The position entails providing feedback to executive management regarding pricing, market trends, and competitive environment. May also be trained to perform sampling and sample intake. Existing relationships in the industry is a big plus. Compensation is based on performance. Excellent candidates may qualify to be Regional Director.


California and Oregon

Reporting to the General Managers, couriers are primarily responsible for securely transporting samples and payments among labs and licensed cannabis facilities, and maintain chain of custody documentation. Qualifications include an excellent driving record and good communication skills.