Meet Our Leadership Team

EVIO attracts the best executives and scientists from a variety of technical disciplines to build a multi-disciplinary team that spans from coast to coast.  Check back frequently to learn more about our growing team!

Ian Riversong, BS

Laboratory Director, EVIO Labs Medford

Prior to joining EVIO, Ian spent several years working as an enologist for Pallet Wine Company, a custom crush facility located in the Rogue Valley, where he oversaw the production of all wine lots, from grape crush to bottling. Ian managed the laboratory and performed various chemical extractions and characterizations including titrations, distillations, free-SO2 analysis, protein stability assays, alcohol level determination, enzymatic assays, and chromatography. After working in the wine industry, Mr. Riversong went on to spend over a year in the cannabis industry serving as a chemist developing cannabinoid and terpenoid extraction and analytical methods while operating and maintaining various extraction technologies including supercritical fluid extractors and short-path stills in a production environment.

Ian graduated from Southern Oregon University with a BS in Chemistry where he gained hands-on experience with a variety of analytical chemistry techniques including liquid and gas chromatography, NMR, mass spectroscopy, UV-Vis Spectroscopy, RAMAN Spectroscopy, AAS, and ICP/OES. Ian’s collegiate capstone work focused on elucidating the electrochemistry of wine tannins using chromatographic separation via HPLC and compound characterization with cyclic voltammetry and chronoamperometry.

Ellen Parkin, MS


Regional Laboratory Director, EVIO Labs Bend and EVIO Labs Eugene

Ms. Parkin is responsible for laboratory testing in our Eugene and Bend Labs, where she has developed expertise in liquid and gas chromatography, and UV-Spectroscopy as well as microbiological analysis. Ellen has become EVIO’s leading analyst for determining cannabinoid potency in various matrices, with particular emphasis on edible and topical products. She recently presented her research findings at the Institute of Cannabis Research Conference in Pueblo, CO. Prior to entering the Cannabis industry, she spent time working in various lab settings within the brewing industry studying microbiology, fermentation science, and sensory science, including with Samuel Adams. After graduate school, Ms. Parkin worked as Senior Lab Technician at Worthy Brewing Company where she built the lab up from a single microscope and pH meter to a full service lab.   Ellen received a BA in Food Science from the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies at the University of Redlands, and a MS in Food Science and Technology from Oregon State University.

Molly Lyons, BS

Laboratory Director, EVIO Labs Portland

Ms. Lyons has led the Portland lab from its beginnings as Greenhaus Analytical Labs to a high production laboratory performing gas and liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, and has experience with H-NMR and infrared spectroscopy She also possesses over eight years’ experience in medical Cannabis cultivation along with her classic training in the natural sciences. Molly is committed to offering cultivators, processors, and consumers the information they need to produce and purchase the cleanest and safest Cannabis products possible. Ms. Lyons received her BS in Biology and Chemistry with an emphasis on human health and medicine from the University of Portland where she graduated Magna Cum Laude and was a member of Phi Sigma Tau Honor Society.

Erika Miller, BS

Associate Lab Director and Quality Manager, EVIO Labs Berkeley

Erika Miller currently serves as the Associate Laboratory Director of EVIO Labs Berkeley. Prior to entering the Cannabis industry, she spent 15 years working in the biopharmaceutical industry as a Quality Control Laboratory Analyst, Lead Analyst, and Quality Associate in the Quality Control department at Genentech, South San Francisco.  Erika received her BS degree in Biological Science from California State University, Hayward. Her quality control work experience in sample analysis, technical data review, analytical methodology and knowledge of quality systems make her a valuable team member of the EVIO Labs organization.

Jeremy Campbell, BS, MS

Chemical Engineer

Jeremy Campbell is primarily responsible for EVIO’s method development and instrumentation, and technical training for EVIO Labs nationwide. Jeremy has been pivotal in “standing up” labs in Eugene, Medford, Yuba City, South Florida, and now Berkeley. Jeremy came to EVIO after working as Lab Director, Synergy Lab LLC, a cannabis testing lab in Bend, OR. While at Synergy, he developed and validated analytical methods for the characterization of cannabis and cannabis containing products including cannabinoid (HPLC) and terpene (GC-MS) contents, pesticide residues (GC-MS) and microbiological contaminants (plate methods). Mr. Campbell also developed and implemented SOPs covering all laboratory activities including purchasing, vendor qualification, equipment operation and maintenance, sample handling and analysis, data reporting, and quality control. Previously, Jeremy was a Graduate Research Assistant and Lab Manager, Oregon State University where he created optically active monolayers of nanostructured colloidal silica derived from marine algae using biological and colloidal self-assembly techniques. Jeremy was previously an Engineering Intern, Bend Research Inc., and a Quality Engineer at Reglera LLC where he developed, drafted and executed validation protocols for the qualification of medical device manufacturing processes in accordance with FDA guidelines. Jeremy holds an MS Chemistry with emphasis on Organometallic Synthesis from the University of Oregon, and a BS Chemical Engineering from Oregon State University.

James Kocis, BS, BA, MS

Laboratory Director, EVIO Labs Massachusetts

Mr. Kocis comes to EVIO Labs from the acquisition of Viridis Analytics, one of Massachusetts’ first cannabis testing labs. James previously was Research Assistant University of Massachusetts Amherst – Biogeochemistry, where he has been working towards his PhD. There he gained four years of laboratory experience in managing sample preparation, extraction, chromatographic separation, analytical method development, detection and quantification of organic compounds in environmental samples. Published studies and presented results at meetings, workshops, and international conferences. Mr. Kocis holds a BS and BA, Geoarchaeology from Mercyhurst College, and an MS Geosciences from University of Tennessee Knoxville Soil Science, Isotope Geochemistry. He is currently a Ph.D. Candidate, University of Massachusetts Amherst with specialty of Organic Geochemistry